Monday, August 16, 2010

Around town in Molde

We got settled into our hotel easily in downtown Molde. We opted for Hotel Alexandra, which could fit our family of 5 in an executive suite. The room was huge with a balcony about the same size as the room, looking out at the water just 50 meters away. The waterfront here is amazing, dotted with islands and what they claim is 222 mountain peaks. (I tried to count them, but could only count 219). None of the pictures I took of this fjord were any good, so I lifted this picture from Still, this fails to capture the feeling you get looking around out on this fjord, with the mountains feeling like they're close enough to touch. It's like nothing I'd seen before.

The first evening we visited our friend Marius, who grew up here and fortuitously happened to be visiting his parents this same weekend. His parents live on the side of a hill with an even better view of the fjord. We enjoy pizza and a special pineapple soda that is made here in Molde. Here's Maggie with the soda and a book about Norway that talks about Molde and the famous soda.

There's plenty to do in this small town, although it was quiet this weekend. The past weekend there had been a huge jazz festival, and I think the town was still having a hangover after the busy week. We picked up a map at tourist info with self-guided walking tours, and explored many areas. Here's a few scenes from Molde, including shots of the famous rose girl statue, the outdoor folk museum, and the door of the stunning modern downtown cathedral.

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