Sunday, August 29, 2010


Our friends Gerd and Kjell invited us to visit them at their hytte on Asenfjord, about a 1:45 drive to the west. Sunday forecast called for sunshine.

What a day! The forecast came through and we had beautiful weather at their lovely hytte. We enjoyed wine and coffee and played kongespill. We went on a boat tour of the fjord and the kids went fishing -- both Peter and Anna each caught a beautiful shiny mackerel that we took home to cook. And the crowning treat of the day was a fantastic meal of elk and vegetables with cloudberry cream for dessert. The elk was hunted by a neighbor and was fabulous. Cloudberries are a special kind of berry that grows only in this part of this world. It has an unusual flavor and is very expensive if bought in the store. The location of cloudberry patches in the wild, like the one where these cloudberries are from, is a guarded secret by those lucky to have found them.

Our friends have a truly beautiful slice of Norwegian paradise, and we were so pleased they shared it with us on this special day.

Dad and Dawn enjoy some Norwegian Aquavit. "The water of life"!
Above: Pam, Hez, and Dawn playing Kongespill
Below: Kjell took the kids out for a fjord adventure

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