Friday, August 20, 2010

Atlanterhavsveien, Kristiansund, and home

It was irresistible. We made all kinds of "moldy" jokes in Molde. Our favorite was probably the Molde bakery, where of course you can get molde bread. We saw molde antique shops, molde statues, and plenty of molde people. Ahhh... good times.

After our two-day mini-vacation in Molde, we headed back to Trondheim. But this time we took a different route home, opting for Atlanterhavsveien, the Atlantic Ocean route.

Driving north out of town we stopped after 15 minutes at Skaret. This is a little vacation spot with hyttes to rent, a lake with canoes, animals, and a candle shop. The kids had fun feeding grass to horses and playing in the giant teepee.

Here's a cool picture from the restaurant there, showing a troll stirring the fire with her nose.

Next we continued to Atlanterhavsveien. It had a cool bridge, and is one of the most photographed things in Norway, but we didn't find it all that interesting. After all the great fjords and roads we'd driven on already, this didn't excite us all that much. But I found a great aerial photo online, and it sure looks interesting from the air!

We drove through two VERY long tunnels, the longest being the Atlanterhavsveien tunnel at 5.7 km (3.5 miles). It went under a fjord, and it was dark, wet, and scary. I expected to see trolls come for us at any moment, but we got lucky.

We stopped in Kristiansund for lunch (not to be confused with Kristiansand, which is on the south coast). This harbor town was extremely cute. We got lunch to-go and ate it out on the waterfront.

This town looks like a lovely place to spend a couple of days, but we were ready to get home. A few more tunnels, a few more ferries, and a few more hours, and we were there. Back to our house and ready to continue unpacking.

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