Thursday, August 26, 2010

Family Visit ... bus tour

This week we were treated to a visit from my dad, stepmom, sister and her girlfriend. Dad and Sheila arrived first with a bag full of things we've missed from the US, like Cap'n Crunch cereal and Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal. After they rested we decided to take the bus tour of Trondheim. It operates every day, picking up in the center of town, and the guide narrates in Norwegian, German, and English. It was bit disconcerting at first hearing everything 3 times, but I soon got used to it.
The bus took us past the cathedral, along the old warehouse district, past the harbor, and up into the hills of Byåsen to the Sverresborg folk museum. Here we visiting a centuries-old stave church, one of only 29 remaining in Norway. We sat inside and they closed the doors. The only light came from small holes through the old wood walls. A woman lit a candle and by the glow of that small light she sang a beautiful and haunting hymn from long long ago. It gave me chills.

We loaded back on the bus and drove to a vantage point where we had a fine view of all of Trondheim. With the zoom on the camera out to the max, we could see our house on the other side of the valley. We then drove to Kristiansten festning, the fortress from the 1700s which famously protected Trondheim from an attack by the Swedes. We stopped for 20 minutes which was a good length of time for us to enjoy a cup of coffee and some cookies.

The tour lasted 3 hours, and I was pleased with it. I hadn't expected much, but the scope was very appropriate, we got a good overview of the major attractions in the city, and I learned a few things I never knew before.

Tomorrow, Hez and Dawn come.

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