Sunday, August 15, 2010

Heading to Molde

The weekend after we moved in we needed a break, so we took a spontaneous vacation to the west coast. I booked two nights at a hotel in Molde and we set off letting the GPS tell us the way. The ride took about 4 hours, taking us through about a dozen tunnels, a ferry ride or two, and a magnificent suspension bridge. Here's a couple scenes from the drive out...
Lots of lovely fjords, too many to count:

These funny pictures on the bathroom doors at a gas station:

I was surprised to see a Route 666. I thought Norway of all countries would avoid biblically sensitive numbers! Mathematically, though, it's a very interesting number, so I was pleased.

Plenty of tunnels, ferries, and bridges. They got to be expensive, though... lots of tolls.

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