Wednesday, August 25, 2010


My boss recommended I start doing crossword puzzles. So I bought my first book of puzzles. I asked the lady at the store whether Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck crossword puzzles are easier. She said to go with the Mickey Mouse. I bought a few scratch off lotto tickets at the same time. I had never bought Norwegian lottery tickets before. It turns out that I didn't win – just like in the U.S.!

Yesterday, I found a kids' puzzle in the newspaper and gave it a go. With the help of a dictionary on a couple of words, it became the first Norwegian crossword puzzle I solved myself. I'm very proud. And now I know that a grouse is called a 'rype' in Norwegian. My next challenge will be trying to slip this word into a conversation later.


  1. Rype is indeed a grouse, but it's also slang for woman, in pretty much the same way as chick or bird. Not particularly naughty, but I could see it lead to some interesting conversations if you're hellbent on squeezing it in come hell or hight water :-)

    If you're ornithologically inclined: 'Eksosrype' is a particularly peculiar instance of the species, usually found showing off its black leather plumage on the back of Harleys...