Saturday, August 7, 2010

New House

Well, it's been almost two months since I last blogged. It became a very busy end-of-the-school-year, a 3-week visit to the U.S.A., one week in Hungary for me, and then a very stressful move from our old house to a new rental. We had only one day to move everything, and were extremely grateful that about 8 friends showed up to help.

We are settling in and very happy with our new place. We've moved to a neighborhood very close to the international school, with lots of friends all around. Several neighbors stopped to say 'hei' as we moved in, unusually friendly for Norway. Maggie talks to her friend between houses on a walkie-talkie, Anna runs down the street to play at a friend's house, and Peter has made a new friend right next door who's been over constantly. Peter has been very reluctant to learn Norwegian (not a necessary skill at the English-speaking international school), so it is with great satisfaction that I hear him talking norsk with this boy. Some very good friends live right behind us, and I can yell up to them to come down for a beer.

The house is very large, with a garage and a very nice bathroom. The kids all get their own rooms this year which makes everyone happy. We have a big yard with a cherry tree, 3 apple trees, currants and several types of berries. No longer on top of a big hill, it is a very easy walk to the school, work, or downtown. Oh -- and there's a view. A pretty awesome view. We can no longer see the Nidaros cathedral, but now we can see Rockheim, and a panorama of downtown, the fjord, and Munkholmen, comfortably visible from our living room and dining room.

We are very optimistic about the coming year in this friendly neighborhood

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  1. Looks lovely. Moving stress is something I can relate too....