Saturday, August 28, 2010

Nord-Trøndelag tour

Rain is in the forecast. We've had consistently bad luck with the weather when visitors have come this past year. Actually, we've had consistently bad weather this year, so there's probably a connection there.

Regardless, we managed to dodge the raindrops on a tour east. Our plan: (1) photo opportunity at the train station in Hell, (2) explore the Hegra festning, (3) see the runes at Leirfall, (4) visit Steinvikholmen. I just love this trip, it's the perfect journey to take guests on. It takes about 4 hours and you get to see a lot of interesting places and a good variety at that. There are also options to (5) drive to the top of Forbordsfjellet and (6) continue to the ruins of a monastery at Tautra, though I've never made it Tautra myself.

Here's a few pics:

In Hell, we stop at the train station. We catch sight of this poster for an upcoming event: "Blues in Hell." It's important to get all the "Hell" jokes out of your system early on a visit to Trondheim. We of course drove through the Hell tunnel and over the Hell bridge and past the Hell Grill and Hell Hotel.

At the Hegra festning, we found they have finished and opened a coffee and gift shop. It's very nice! We also found they had placed some exhibits inside, including a creepy one which has illuminated messages in many different languages. The message is "Should we, or not?" which I think is a reference to the night the Norwegian soldiers pondered whether or not they should surrender. They were holed up in this fortress surrounded and vastly outnumbered by Nazis, certain that the next morning would bring battle to the tunnels. After a night of debate, they decided they would fight and prepared themselves for what they thought would be their final day. The attack never came, and a few days later they received word that Norway had surrendered. The exhibit is to showcase the admirable bravery and patriotism of these soldiers.

Leirfall has the largest collection of bronze age stone carvings. It's always fun to see. My dad spotted this one I hadn't noticed before: a viking ship with a giraffe in it. Clearly this is a flood story, when the viking gathered up all of the giraffes in Norway and took them safely to Africa.

Steinvikholmen is a DaVinci-inspired fortress on a small island in Trondheimsfjorden. The rain stopped for a few minutes for us to get out and walk around on this interesting site. We decided to forego the extended trip to Tautra and head back home.

Once again, a good trip to Nord-Trøndelag!

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