Wednesday, August 18, 2010

South of Trollstigen

Judging by the traffic, I think most people drive to the top of Trollstigen from the north, spend a few minutes and head back down again. I'm glad we decided to continue south. Just past the top of Trollstigen, the road winds downwards past some beautiful lakes. We decided to stop and play at one of them. Despite the awesomeness of Trollstigen, this lake we stopped at was the highlight of the drive.

We'd planned to just splash our feet in the water, but the waterfall on the other side proved too big a temptation. Peter and I decided to walk around the lake and see the waterfall. The girls decided to go the other way around and meet us. The ended up running into a flock of sheep and becoming distracted. Peter and I meanwhile had to find our way across three rivers of increasing complexity. One of them took us some time to find a path of stones we could leap to and from. Past the waterfall, the terrain took a turn for the worse. We found ourselves navigating a vertical marsh and a forest of nearly impassible dense bushes. We persevered and eventually made it, feeling like true explorers!

Our trip was far from over, we would continue south and see if we could grab some more beauty...

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