Thursday, August 19, 2010

Through strawberry country, and back to Molde

We left the lake and followed the road south, turning west into strawberry country. We couldn't resist stopping at this giant wooden strawberry someone had build outside of their house. The berries were so good, we had devoured them before we had driven a kilometer. Fortunately, the berry stands went on and on, mile after Norwegian mile.

The berries only served to feed our hunger, and we found a perfect place to stop: a restaurant in Valldal named Jordbærstova, or Strawberry House. They serve a variety of organic local dishes, each served with strawberries in some form. We had to try the reindeer stew of course.

Afterwards, we were feeling quite tired, but it was still a long way to go to get back. We drove past fjord after amazing fjord, finally catching the ferry that took us right to downtown Molde. The kids complained that we drove all the way to Molde just to drive some more, but it was a very satisfying day trip and I am quite glad we made the drive.

Here's a map of the drive. E = Molde, B = Trollveggen, C = Trollstigen, D = Valldal.

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