Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The next day in Molde we took a driving trip south to visit one of Norway's most famous sights: Trollstigen. The name means "troll ladder", a rather appropriate name for this road that zig-zags perilously and dramatically up a steep mountain valley.

First, we took a 6-minute detour to see Trollveggen, "the troll wall". This is sheer 1000-meter cliff that is irresistible to climbers. I'm told it claims several lives a year. We decide to admire it from the ground.

Continuing back to the road to Trollstigen, we come across this warning sign. Trolls nearby. Shhhh...

Up and up we drive, over a natural stone bridge beneath a waterfall, and upwards to a growning sense of vertigo.

At the top is a cafe and jillions of souvenir stands (we bought a viking hat with braids for my little viking girl which she wore the entire weekend). A walkway leads out to a lookout point where you can see the entire roadway leading up. We climbed on the rocks and built small sculptures from the stones.

Finally, we headed onwards, with the plan to continue south and loop back around to Molde to the west.

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