Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bymarka overnight

Dave arrived on Monday, guest #3 of 4 expected this week. After a mad evening of Rock Band Monday night, and a day at the university (I do need to work occasionally) and downtown on Tuesday, we headed back to Bymarka. This time we would stay overnight at Allan's hytte. The trek in felt like it took a long time, encumbered as we were with food, beer and musical instruments, but soon we arrived at the little cabin in the woods and set up shop. The hytte has neither electricity or running water, which is a big part of the charm. Only natural entertainment out here!

Late afternoon we walked to a spot Allan had recommended, a swimming spot on the north shore of Bjorksjønna, one of countless lakes in the area. It took a while to find the spot, but we found it – a picnic area built into the side of a rock. There was a grill, benches, guest book, and a variety of "gifts"... candies and tools and such. We didn't take any of the gifts, but we signed the book and left a pack of gum for future visitors, and headed down to the water.

I went in ankle deep, and I found that was plenty enough water for me. Today was gloriously mild, but the summer's been very cold and this water held the memory. I don't know what the temperature was, but I think maybe it was at the temperature right between where ice turns into water. Dave went waist deep (photo below), and Mark bless his soul went all the way in. Very bold!

Allan visited us later in the evening, and by the light of gas lamps we cooked pølse, sang along to the guitar, and played games until 4 in the morning. Before bed, we wandered out to a field and marveled at the zillions of stars and shimmering band of the milky way overhead. It was an incredibly special night, and somehow we even felt refreshed the next day.

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