Friday, September 10, 2010

Conference and Pam's 40th

Rob, our final visitor arrived this morning and so were ready for our conference. The four of us, Dave, Mark, Rob, and myself, have met every year someplace in the world to have our own conference, which includes academic presentations. This is our 10th anniversary and our first meeting in Europe, so it was a bit special. We walked down to Solsiden, investigated a few restaurants, and decided on Bare Blåbær as our venue. Sitting around a big table we shared our research, ate and drank, and left several hours later with full bellies and full brains.

In the evening, we returned downtown to celebrate Pam's 40th birthday (today!) at Khao Thai restaurant, the best place in Trondheim for authentically spicy food.

It was a successful conference for me, and a very happy birthday for Pam!

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