Sunday, September 12, 2010

Downtown people-watching

The group wanted to experience some normal downtown life for the final day, so we went to sentrum to explore Saturday. The outdoor market was in full swing, as was a gay-lesbian festival. There were all kinds of freebies (including pancakes with sour cream and blueberry jam - yum!) and some very very good live music happening. The city was celebrating 60 years of equality for gays and lesbians in Norway... that sounds like a long time. Norway is one of the most equal nations in the world - 3rd in gender equity (behind Iceland and Finland) - so it shouldn't be too surprising. (U.S. is #31 according to the 2009 World Economic Forum report).

We went shopping and ended up at the fish market where we ate fiskesuppe (fish soup). They all thought that the afternoon of people-watching and seeing everyday life was one of the highlights of the week.

This morning, everyone went home. It was a brilliant two weeks of visitors, and now we can look forward to a little quiet time and getting back to normal.

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