Saturday, September 4, 2010


Friends Mark and Gao Qi arrived from the U.S. today, kicking off a second week of visitors.

What a welcome we had for them – A-ha!, the pop-rock band from the 80s is starting their farewell tour and played Trondheim tonight. They are the only Norwegian pop group to make it big on the international scene (unless you count Abba, which is mostly Swedish but one of the members is half-Norwegian. OK, that doesn't really count.) We accompanied our (local) friend Elisabeth to the concert, my first time inside Lerkendal stadium (home of world famous Rosenborg Football Klub).

And wow! What a concert! They put on an exceptional show, with good theatrics and great visuals. Most of Trondheim was there, I think. We sang and danced until late into the night, then walked 3,5 km home again with "Take On Me" ringing in our ears. It was a good blast from my high school days.

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