Thursday, September 9, 2010

Tour East

We make the tour to the east: Hegra festning, Runes at Leirfall, Steinvikholmen. I've done this tour many times, but I STILL like it! This time, though, at Hegra festning I worked on my laptop while my friends explored. It's maybe better to explore this place on your own anyways. My son Peter attacked me with pinecones while I sat in the sun working, yelling "Take that, Nazi!" Some other tourists got a chuckle out of that. This fortress was used in defense of the Nazi invasion in 1940.

On Steinvikholmen, we play some serious Kubb, or Kongespill, a wonderful outdoor game played with blocks of wood. Somehow, we got lucky with the weather this week. We've had bad weather for all of our visitors this year, but this week it's been glorious fall weather like you might find anywhere during the fall. Except of course that it's still supposed to be summer.

The tide went out while we were on Steinvikholmedn, so we could walk back without using the bridge. Nice!

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