Friday, October 15, 2010

Cat adventures

We took care of a young cat this week while the owners were in Germany. The cat is one of Sjokolade's kittens, so it was fun to have him back for a week. The day before they returned, he got out and disappeared. What a nightmare.

We covered the neighborhood with signs and I placed 3 online ads. Norway has a very nice site for lost and found animals, After entering the info and uploading a picture, you can even print out signs with tear-off tabs. And then the site gives you a hopeful message wishing that all will be well and so on. Very nice.

Still no cat when the family returns. To compound their troubles, they had a second cat they gave to another family to watch, and that cat also escaped and disappeared. At this point, we're feeling pretty low. But three painful days later, we get a call from a family we know in the neighborhood... and the cat is found. What a relief! Their kids were so happy, and we feel a little less as failures.

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