Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cowboy Game

The kids learned an awesome new game akin to Rock, Scissors, Paper. Players face each other and slap hands against their thighs 3 times in unison. On the 4th beat, players perform one of three actions:

Reload - both fisted hands up to shoulders with thumbs pointing backward over the shoulders.
Block - arms crossed across chest
Shoot - both index fingers point at other player.

Here's the rules:

The first move for both players is "Reload". Afterwards, players choose whichever move they want. A player can only do one shoot per reload, though a player may accumulate several reloads and thus be able to shoot multiple times before needing to reload.

If player 1 shoots while player 2 is reloading, player 1 wins.
If player 1 shoots while player 2 is blocking, nothing happens and play continues (although player 1 has used up a shot).
If both players shoot, both players lose.

We've been hooked on the game – it has a lot more depth than the classic Rock Scissors Paper, and it helps to know how your opponent plays. This past weekend we had some friends over for and played a tournament. Maggie won... here's my winning cowgirl, and her surly opponent:

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