Sunday, October 31, 2010


We started Halloween with a party at one of our friends who have a big party every year. Fantastic food, crafts, games, and contest. Oh so fun! About 50 people attended. Here's a picture of all the kids in attendance.

We left at 6:00 to hastily prepare for trick-or-treating. Our neighborhood is apparently is one of the most popular neighborhoods for trick-or-treating. Maybe it's the proximity to the international school, maybe it's just that we have A LOT of kids in the area. We lined candle lights up our walkway with plenty of decorations. Maggie, Peter, and Anna each went out with different groups of friends while Pam and I manned the homefront. This is the first year I haven't accompanied the kids on their Halloween outings... some other parents went with them and  I feel very confident with that. I would have actually felt okay this year if they went out on their own – Norway is a very safe country for kids. Maggie was a vampire, Peter a knight, and Anna a witch.

We had about 30 visitors that night, When they rang, I killed the lights on the porch and greeting them with a skull in hand and a spooky "Hvem der?" Later when the kids returned with other grown-ups that had accompanied their groups, we had a small party to warm everyone up again. It was a cosy evening and a big Halloween success!

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