Monday, October 4, 2010

Potet ferie, Hytte visning

It's the first day off "potato picking vacation", or "potet ferie". Traditionally, schools would close this week so that kids could help pick potatoes. Nowadays, folks use the week for visiting their hyttes (cabins) during what is probably the final good weather of the year.

We don't have our own hytte, but we went to a showing today for a hytte that is for sale. This one is fairly close, but the final 2 km of road require a 4-wheel drive vehicle (or legs). What a lovely dream cabin this one is, in the forest on a small lake, with a boat house and children's outbuilding. It's nice to dream...

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  1. Hey Mike. I lived in Trondheim for awhile, I still have family there. I'm a half-breed American/Norsk living on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. I found your blog because I googled "Potet Ferie." My mom, who is from Nord-Odal, was telling me about potet ferie in response to me telling her about digging potatoes for the first time yesterday and LOVING IT. So anyway...very random way that I found your blog but such is this interesting life. My blog is: if you wanna stop by for a peek.

    Haddet bra!