Friday, October 1, 2010

Jadab and YIT

Our friend Kirsten is head of YIT, "Yankees in Trondheim", a group for Americans. The group is a social group, and also helps with keeping us connected to US politics so we can vote in local and national elections. We joined them downtown this evening, first meeting Kirsten for dinner at Jadab Indian restaurant. WOW! Great decor, reasonably priced and the very best Indian food I've had in Norway. I ordered the Chicken Vindaloo, which the menu warned was veldig sterkt (very strong). I like my spicy food really spicy, but not painfully so, and this was perfect. We were too late for their lunch specials, which cost 129- kr., a bargain for Trondheim.

The YIT meeting was fun. 8 people showed up at a downtown pub and we socialized for an hour. We'll join them again next month.

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