Saturday, October 2, 2010

Road Trip part 1: Frosta

It's a beautiful fall day so we decide to go for a drive. Many times we've headed east to visit Hegra and Steinvikholmen, and we've always had an option to drive further to Tautra but we've always been too tired to continue the voyage. So today we will drive directly to Tautra, about a 1:20 trip.

First stop on the road trip is a visit to the stone carvings on Frosta, called Helleristninger. The carvings are behind a kindergarten, and we actually have to go through a gate and pass through the playground to reach them. The collection here is much smaller than the carvings at Leirfall, but it's a fine collection featuring many whales.


Our favorite carving was the one we called "the monkey". You can see it in the middle of the tracing below (along with whales, elk and lots of boats). The monkey was hard to see in the carvings themselves, having eroded quite a bit. After laughing and having fun with the monkey carving, we read the description on the sign. Rather than being a big-eared monkey, the sign told us it was a man with his arms and legs cut off and an arrow through his neck. Hmm. I like "the monkey" better.

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