Saturday, October 2, 2010

Road Trip part 2: Tautra

A very long single-lane bridge connects Frosta to the island of Tautra. There is an automatic gate on the bridge, it's purpose unclear. It would make sense if it were to prevent traffic incidents on the kilometer-long one-lane bridge, but there is no matching gate at the other end. Perhaps it is for security?

This island is a gem. On one end of the island is a bird-watching tower and an active monastery (no tours), and on the other end are 800-year old ruins of a monastery with a restaurant, B&B, and gift shop. We explore the ruins, then hunt around for a trail to take us out to the tip of the peninsula.

It takes us a little time to find a trail, and then we are treated to a magnificent hike with beautiful views of the fjord. Finally, we reach the lighthouse. It is the smallest lighthouse I've ever seen, not much taller than me. From the lighthouse, we climb down the rocks to shore below. The geology is very strange, looking like rocks on the surface of another planet.

We enjoy a picnic lunch and some lightsaber duels in the high winds, and then hike back to the gift shop where we buy some fresh vegetables and some unusual carrot jam. The island is very charming – an overnight stay at the bed and breakfast would make for a marvelous experience. A most excellent day!


  1. If I recall correctly, that gate is there to prevent predators, primarily wolverines (jerv), from crossing the causeway to the island and going medieval on the bird colony.

  2. There are no wolverines in lowland Norway. The gates is to prevent fox and badger to come over to the Island to take eggs from nesting seabirds.

  3. Hah, right you are! For some reason both those two had escaped me, although I do know better. Honestly, I do! ;) My options were thus wolves, bears, wolverines and otters, and since it clearly wasn't the two former, and it wouldn't make much sense to fence off a land bridge against otters I was left with the wolverine. There's a lesson to be had in there somewhere about making sure you've got all the options covered before you start eliminating. And another one about thinking before I set of my mouth (or mouth-substitute in this case); if only I could learn them :P

  4. Aha! That makes good sense! Thank you.