Thursday, October 14, 2010

Teacher is NOT killed

A teacher at the kids' school was involved in an accident yesterday. Coming down a hill on his bicycle, he collided with a car that was coming out of a side street.

Rumors around the school were rampant yesterday, ranging from "He was up and walking around and didn't even want to get in the ambulance" to "Maybe he broke his ankle" to "He got run over dead!" Turns out he suffered a fractured hip and fractured face (ouch!) but will make a full recovery.

I found the article on The headline "Syklist påkjørt på Rosenborg" means "Cyclist hit at Rosenborg". We got a bit of a shock when I hit the "translate" button and let Google-translate do its work - check it out!


No he did not killed. But he probably won't be returning to work for a month. Poor guy!

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