Saturday, November 6, 2010

Class at Remida

The Remida Center is a place that collect recyclable material and uses it for art. They have classes and host school groups. It's a very cool place. It originated in Italy where they have many of these centers. The one in Trondheim is the only one in Norway.

Today they hosted a class for 4th and 5th graders on computer animation. Pam signed up Peter, and I took him today. He was less than excited about taking a class on a Saturday, especially since it would be in Norwegian. When we arrived, he commented "This looks like a graffiti artist studio!" and his attitude spun right around. He spent 15 minutes playing with the material, during which time a girl from the neighborhood he knows showed up. With only 12 kids signed up for the class, we didn't think we'd see anyone we knew. He had a friend, he had a room full of cool stuff, and then it was time to start class. "Awww.... we have to use computers?" he said. I've never heard him complain about using computers before – a sign that I'll need to get him back here to build stuff from their wonderful selection of parts.

He had a great time in the 5 hour workshop and can't wait to come back. I came to pick him up an hour early so I could meet other people at the center, and made 4 contact with people I might collaborate on art projects with. It was a great day for us both!

The Remida center doesn't look like much from the outside. It is located in SvartlamĂžen, an industrial arts part of town close to the docks that reminds me very much of Sesame Street... a weird mix of urban, industrial, and hippie. Tough, but kid-friendly.

 The other side of the building hosts a very modern barnehage (kindergarten) which has art as its focus.

Here's a fascinating piece of art nearby... a wall of colored rectangles, each filled with sinks, appliances, doors, and other discarded materials now recycled into a beautiful installation. I love to see things like this! Trondheim sponsors many projects like this art installation and the class Peter attended, and now I know how to tap into this wellspring of creativity. Stay tuned for updates!

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