Monday, November 15, 2010

Danger! of an unknown type...

I saw this sign on my usual walking path on campus.

Takrasfare... I know that "fare" means "danger". But "takras"? I begin running through my inventory of related works. Tak = ceiling or roof. Ras = ????, rasende = furious. Furious roof danger? Maybe? It dawns on me that I am walking on path of danger, and I know only enough Norwegian to know that I am in danger but not enough to know what kind of danger I'm in. I need to know either more or less Norwegian in cases like this. Right now, I know just enough to be worried.

"Takras", I found out later, means snow and ice sliding from roofs. Leave it to Norway to have a special word for this!

1 comment:

  1. Tak = roof
    Ras = avalance
    Fare = danger
    In Norway mwe make words by adding other words together whereas in english it woud be something like "danger of avalance from the roof", So what we say in one word, it would have taken you six words :)