Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Record cold

We thought last winter was bad. Then we thought this summer was cold. Well, this November was the coldest November is Norway in more than 222 years. In 1788, Trondheim began keeping records of the temperature, so there's a long list of data to compare the weather with. This November had an average temperature of about –5°C (with the last 2 weeks being about –15°C).

What has also been strange is that cold has not really bothered me this month. I'm feeling like –15° is not so bad. Maybe my blood has thickened! (Actually, blood gets a little thinner in cold temperatures, not thicker. Becoming acclimatized to hot or cold environments actually involves complex interactions between your glands and the temperature regulation part of your brain. For what it's worth.)

Another strange thing: this year there have been 20 world record high temperatures around the world, including a high of 53.7°C (129°F) in Pakistan (ouch!) I think global warming is caused by all the heat leaving Norway and going elsewhere!

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