Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving is strictly an American holiday, so there was no long weekend for us. Nevertheless, we began preparing on Tuesday, and by Thursday evening we were ready with a traditional feast of turkey, potatoes, yams, stuffing, bread, salad, jello... all kinds of tilbehør. Somehow, all of the food was ready on time, at the same time... some kind of Thanksgiving miracle. We had a couple of families over to join us, and the evening was a big success.

It is said that the earliest Thanksgiving was in 1621 with pilgrims in Plymouth and people from the Patuxet tribe of the Wampanoag people. It was a celebration of thanks for the help the pilgrims received settling in a new land, so the meaning is of continuing relevance to us as we settle in this new land.


  1. Thanx for delicious food and a great evening, the pic is by me I believe.

  2. Yes -- you're the only one not in the photo.

    Fotograf: Martin