Friday, December 31, 2010

Fireworks and lutefisk

What could be a better end to an amazing holiday season? Two fireworks shows at the start and at the end of a lutefisk dinner. Oh yes!

At 7:00 we watched the children's fireworks show from our window, then we joined friends for Martin and Elisabeth's lutefisk party. Lutefisk, or "lye fish", has been treated by soaking it in lye for 6 days until it becomes a bit jelly-like. It is served with a variety of tilbehør (accompaniments), and our friends had 'em all! Bacon, mustard sauce, lefse, potatoes, mushy peas, brunost, and molasses.

We were excited to try this, as we've heard every foreigner tell us how horrible lutefisk is, and every Norwegian tell us how wonderful lutefisk is. We agree with the Norwegians – it was so very good. Pam and I both had full second servings. I would have eaten a third plateful if my stomach would have allowed, but I've eaten so much this week that I won't need to eat anything the first week of January.

After dinner Elisabeth led us in an interactive story and we all waited up for the midnight fireworks. With the temps just above freezing, we enjoyed standing outside on the porch with a broad view out over the city. Fireworks burst in all directions and we had prime viewing of the main show downtown.

A great end to a great holiday season and a great year! Thank you Martin and Elisabeth! Thank you friends!

7 kinds of cookies


Lutefisk with all kinds of tilbehør

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