Thursday, December 2, 2010

Math conference day 2

The math conference was a big success. I gave a workshop on day 1 and the closing plenary session on day 2. After the session, I had only one hour to get from NTNU to another college for the start of another conference.

Our center worked with Drønning Mauds Minne høgskole (Queen Maud's Memorial College) to host our first kindergarten math conference. In attendance were 90 barnehage (kindergarten) teachers, a large number. Remember that Norway has 1/67th the population of the U.S., so this is the equivalent of about 6000 teachers, proportionally.

We began with a workshop where we combined song, drama, and themed lessons with simple equipment. I took the role of a clown for my part of the drama section, and later explored many activities using balloons. The 3-hour workshop was incredibly fun, and we did some very solid pedagogy as well.

In the evening, we attended a dinner at Tregården restaurant, where I did a bit of entertaining, including some juggling and a mathematical magic "skit".

This week I've been in a play, given two workshops and a plenary session, performed for dinner entertainment, and enjoyed my role as host for several important guests. I headed home that evening finding it hard to believe that my responsibilities for the week were at an end.

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