Friday, December 3, 2010

Math conference day 3

Drønning Maud College has a very beautiful main building. Norwegians have a special talent for building glass atria in spaces between buildings, making indoor spaces with an outdoor feel. It's refreshing to walk into this building, and on this morning I was feeling extra-refreshed because I knew I could finally relax on this day and enjoy learning from others. Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh!

First we learned about the making of Kosinus, a children's math television program. I've been working a little bit reviewing their programs and making suggestions, and last night at dinner I spent quite a bit of time with the producer and also with Solveig, the star of the show.

Then Tessa Livingston, producer of the BBC program "Child of Our Time", presented clips from the program. It is following the lives of 23 children from pre-birth to age 20, and it is now in its tenth year. The clips were fascinating. Tessa herself is a wonderful person and I've enjoyed getting to know her as well over these last few days.

My friend Janet did an exceptional job with her plenary session and later with a workshop. Here we are making "shadow trolls" on light-sensitive paper, one of the many activities we did in her shadow workshop. It's been a real treat having Janet here this week, and everyone was very pleased with her sessions.

Afterwards it was time to say goodbye to my friends, old and new, as they headed back to the airport. This has been an amazing week!

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