Friday, December 10, 2010

Meeting Knut Nærum

Tuesday was the office's Christmas workshop, with gløgg, pepperkake, and a very cool project making an electronic blinking Christmas tree ornament. I have time for gløgg and cookies, but I need to race to the airport to get to Oslo. I have two meetings in two days, and get there just in time for dinner.

I meet a group of friends and colleagues at Plah restaurant for an amazing 8-course Thai dinner. Wow!

At the next table is sitting Knut Nærum, a famous tv comedian and host of Nytt på nytt – he's Norway's version of Jay Leno if you will. Near the end of dinner I approach him with my camera and say 'excuse me.' He looks up at me with a tired look, anticipating that I will ask to take his picture. Instead I ask "Would you mind taking a picture of me and my friends?" He was happy to oblige.

So here's the photo, taken by photographer Knut Nærum. Sorry I didn't get a picture of him. I imagine it's easy to find one on the internet if you like.

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