Friday, December 10, 2010

Oslo Scenes: Nobel Prize and Vigeland Park

Here's a cool neon mural outside of Oslo S train station.

The Nobel Peace Prize celebrations begin tomorrow, so the city is gearing up. Liu Xiaobo, the Chinese dissident who won the prize this year, won't be here. He's busy in prison. So is his wife just for being married to him, and lots of other people too. The prize is bringing lots of attention to the Chinese government this year, and that can only be good, even if China has retaliated against the prize by refusing to sell fish food to Norway. (They want to starve Norway's fish – how mean!) The hotels are full (my hotel even called me to see if I was still planning to come), I saw a demonstration, and this interesting display outside of the Nobel Peace Center. The 'S' in 'SLAUGHTER' flickers on an off, causing a strange dissonance.

After my meeting on Wednesday on the University of Oslo campus, I walked to Vigeland park, home of jillions of naked statues. The walk was a lot longer than it looked on the map, and the temperatures were very low in Olso, much colder than Trondheim right now. It was fun to see the statues covered with snow. They looked so cold. Next time I'll bring an extra sweater to share. Here's pictures of (1) my favorite statue: angry man being attacked by babies, (2) the central monolith, a column of bodies, (3) some other chilly statues.



  1. Brr is right. We visited Vigeland in the summer- a different scene for sure. Did you go to the ceremony?

  2. No, I left the day before. We did go to Oslo during the ceremony last year, and it was fabulous.