Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pam get's her license

Pam passed her driver's test today. Arranging it was much more difficult than it should have been. The mistake was using a not very good traffikskole that will remain nameless here (Byens Traffikskole. In Lade.) The people were nice, but they didn't have it together.

After about 14 months in Norway, you must get your driver's license switched. If you don't do so during that time period, then you must enroll in a complete course, which is very expensive. So, we were working against a deadline, and we needed to arrange things through a driving school. They arrange with the state for an official test.

First the school arranged a testing date and never contacted us. A couple weeks later when I inquired, they said they had tried to call many times and finally gave the time away to someone else. There were of course no messages on my phone or any indication they had tried. Next they found a date that Pam was out of town. I told them thank you but it couldn't be during the period from x to y. A week later they arranged a new date, during the same period. I had to cancel that at well. Then I called the next week. No date yet. And the next week. No date yet. I waited 2 weeks then called again. "Oh! Did you want us to keep trying? It's very unlikely we can get a testing time before your deadline." I wrote a long and not very happy letter to them. This seemed to work. A few days later, they had miraculously found a time after all.

So today, Pam got her Norwegian driver's license. It is valid until she is 100 years old. I'm also told that Norway is the second most difficult country in the world in which to get a driver's license, after Sweden.

Yay Pam!


  1. Yea indeed, Pam!
    Wat to go, girl!
    Dad (Mike)

  2. B + M is nothing
    U need ABECEDE to be among the though guys :)