Friday, January 21, 2011


Peter had an interview today for a summer camp program, CISV (Children's International Summer Villages). It was founded after WWII as a way to promote world peace. The idea is to get children to make friends with other children around the world. It’s hard to go to war with people like yourself, and if kids can learn that people with different language, culture, and appearance are really much like themselves, maybe it will help.

“Delegations” are groups of 4 kids and one supervisor from the local area, who get together several times to become friends. Then in the summer they head off to meet 11 other delegations from countries from all around the world. They spend one whole month away from home doing team building, roleplaying, and multicultural activities.

I was very proud of Peter during the interview. He really wants to go, and knew it was important to impress the interviewer that he knew enough Norwegian to be able to talk to and become friends with the other kids in his delegation. I’ve never heard him talk Norwegian so well before, asking well-formed questions and seeming to understand most of what was said to and asked of him.

He passed, and has been offered a position in the program. If we accept, he’ll be spending a month in Amsterdam this summer. Exciting!

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