Sunday, January 30, 2011

Last day of Ski course

Another weekend of skiing. Again, I sat inside of the lodge, Skistua as it's called, and worked on artwork for a conference this summer. My arm is still weak from my injury last week, so I've earned a 'bye' on skiing today. I met a ceramic artist in Skistua who has done some mathematical work, and he's promised to call and invite me to his studio. It's a magic place.

The closing ceremonies for the ski course were fantastic. All of the kids skied through a reception line and were handed certificates, hot dogs, chips, and juice. A marching band tramped through the snow playing jaunty tunes.

Peter and Anna were very happy with the classes. Anna can walk up big hills now and can plough down like a champ, and Peter has learned to make turns on his snowboard.

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