Friday, January 28, 2011

Wallpaper house and music with our neighbors

Some friends of ours bought a house that was featured in the newspaper recently as "The Wallpaper House". This house was owned by some fanatical wallpaperers, and the result was weird enough to make the news. Our friends had a party tonight to celebrate the house before they stripped the paper down. What a strange sight it was! Nearly every surface in the house is papers, around every groove in door frames, cabinet covers, inside cabinet covers, pipes, wires, under the stairs, over vents, on the bathroom scale... They did a beautiful job with the wallpaper, there's just SO MUCH of it!


Afterwards, we paid a visit to our neighbors, finally making good on an invitation to pop over any time. We were so glad we did! They're a very nice family of musicians and we had a beautiful evening of wine and song. We heard some amazing jazz bass guitar by their son, singing by their daughter, and piano by the dad.

One of the songs he played for us is Grieg's Op. 12 No. 6, called "Norsk", often translated as "Norwegian Melody". He explained how this song sounds so much like Norway to him, the sound of the mountains in the spring. Here's a video of someone playing the song:

And if you'd like to play it yourself, here's the sheet music. Enjoy!

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