Monday, February 14, 2011

Kindergarten film

I'm going to be a Norwegian film star. Yay! Yesterday I spend the day back at Skistua with a film crew, planning our program for today's filming. I'm making a series of films for kindergarten teachers that show how to do mathematics activities outdoors. Norwegians are very big on outdoor activities, as you can guess.

Today we met at the kindergarten and did some introductory activities inside, then climbed onto a bus and rode out to the ski area. It was windy today, and after one minute my face hurt. How would we would survive a whole day of filming in this cold?

And yet we did. Norwegians laugh at the cold! I found after an hour I was so numb I didn't notice the cold myself. We managed the wind problems with the sound, and made several trips indoors to warm up with cocoa and warm apple cake. Our activities were all centered around sledding, and the kids really enjoyed competing in the various events. Here's a picture of the kids making a series of concentric circles in the snow to be used as the target for our "nearest to center" activity (one kid was anchored in the center holding one end of a rope while the other kids walked in a circle holding the other end).

The filming culminated two weeks of intense planning and I'll tell you... I will sleep well tonight!

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