Saturday, February 19, 2011

Røros Martnan

They should have called it the "Røros furry hat and sausage festival". We arrive with high expectations for the culture festival, and indeed the town is crowded and lively. There should be food, crafts, dozens of musicians and craft demonstrations all day long. The festival has been going on all week. We wander up and down the streets, poking around in the hundred of stands set up everywhere in this old village. The mercury sits at –9°C, the warmest it's been all week in Røros, and for that we are thankful. We see stands with furs, sweaters, furry hats, sausages, candy, furry hats, blankets, furs, sausages, mittens, hats, sausages, furry hats... hmmm... after a few streets, it seems to be all the same. Has every vendor of reindeer pelts and fuzzy hats come to Røros today?

We did hear a few musicians outdoors. A band was playing in a giant teepee where they were also serving food, and that looked like a great place to be, but it was so crowded we couldn't get much further than just beyond the entrance. In the main hall, there were stands featuring heat pumps, tractors, and more sausages. It felt like a county fair without the animals!

After 2 hours, we left, slightly disappointed. But that was our fault, we'd come expecting an art festival, but this was a "goods and culture festival". We should have read the fine print! There were many good things to see, though, and we did have a good time. Here's a few shots from the event:

Anna hugs a stuffed llama

Pam checks out goods at a Sami craft stand. The Sami are Norway's indigenous people. They have their own language, culture, clothing, and flag. Actually, their flag is one of the best flags I've seen, designed in 1986 and the winner of an art contest.

Stopping for a mug of gløgg, the traditional Norwegian winter drink. This stand sells ceramic mugs full of gløgg for a good price.

Røros' main street with the church steeple visible up the hill.

Maggie and Anna posing with antlers in front of a Sami tent shop.


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