Thursday, March 3, 2011


6 weeks ago I reopened an old circus injury in my deltoid muscle (upper arm/shoulder) making it difficult to raise my arm in a particular direction. I made a doctor's appointment, which took two weeks before I could see the doctor. I got a recommendation for an x-ray and MRI, but it took another week to get a letter from the lab with the appointment date, and now 6 weeks later I finally got to visit the lab.

Ting tar tid, as they say here. Things take time. Next week they say I should hear from my doctor and be able to arrange another appointment to find out what's wrong. By now it's nearly healed, but I still want to find out what's wrong, as this was an injury from long ago.

 But, the cost is very low. An x-ray and an MRI scan (in the big scary machine) cost 218 kroner, about $30. If my medical bills exceed $300 in a calendar year, everything beyond that is free. So, good cost and good technology, but slow service.

I loved the sounds of the MRI! Sounds like heavy metal music, I might be just enough inspired to write a song that uses some of the sounds. Here's a link to the sounds of the MRI. Enjoy!

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  1. I would gladly wait a bit longer for health services for universal coverage - but evidently in this country thats not going to happen for a long time- much longer than your wait for an MRI!