Thursday, March 24, 2011

Winter or spring?

Twice I thought spring had come. Several days of warm weather and rain washing away the snow and ice, and then winter weather again. The last couple days have been harsh. Rain mixed with sleet mixed with hail followed by snow and wind – so much wind! It was difficult sleeping last night with the loudness outside. To top it off our furnace stopped working so we're keeping warm by burning wood.

The light is back though, and wow is it back. It changed very quickly from dark all the time to a whole lot of light. Me and the kids are waking up very early now, waking up early and not feeling tired. How our bodies are tied to our environment...


  1. Mike, Peter will be back working in Noway in June, with the rest of us traveling in July. Is the weather in Trondheim predictably summery in July, or would August be better? (I know in the NW it is nicer in Aug by far...) We are hoping to stay in Trondheim and do some hiking, maybe biking. We will need to rent a place- if you have any suggestions (for about one or two weeks). Thanks!!
    Bummer about the sleet- here it is spring - daffodils and tulips !

  2. August is the best month in Norway, but July should be great. In the past we've been traveling in July, so this will be our first July in Norway. I think it's hard to go wrong with either. Great to hear you'll be in Trondheim! We can talk about plans via email.