Saturday, August 13, 2011

Geology adventure

Beautiful sunny day today. I've been glued to my computer learning to program in Flash, so I was eager to get out into nature. Following a tip from my geologist friend Allan, we drove south from Trondheim 45 minutes to go pyrite (fool's gold) hunting.

The spot was gorgeous, on a river's edge far beneath an old bridge, and we had the spot to ourselves. The sun warmed us as chipped away at loose stones uncovering cubical crystals of FeS2. Exclamations of "Oh! Look at this one!" were repeated dozens of times as we accumulated our treasure trove. A nearby trail led to some delightful discoveries including an old artistic gateway and many raspberry bushes bursting with ripe berries.

We spent far longer than I thought we would, two hours maybe. Afterwards we drove a short distance to the Horg Bygdatun, a cultural museum/farm. There is a 5 km trail that winds through the area's history, showing off buildings and artifacts from throughout the past. We didn't walk the trail (another day perhaps) but we did explore the children's trail that had a few surprises and a playground at the bottom.

It was a very satisfying day and we can add another location to our list of cool things to do.

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