Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Into the Arctic Circle: Bodø

Yesterday marked my first time entering the arctic circle, even though we live rather close. Trondheim is at latitude 63° 44 while the Arctic Circle is latitude 66° 33'. Previously the furthest north I'd been was 65° 50', in the city of Mosjøen. But now I've been to Bodø, latitude 67° 16. It's 716 km / 444 mi from Trondheim if you drive.

Bodø is a very nice little city, population 50 000. I walked from the airport to city center, which is built around a lovely harbor. Bodø was the site for this year's LAMIS summer courses. LAMIS is the national math teacher association, Norway's version of the USA's NCTM. I gave a workshop on using computers with kindergartners. It was a great meeting – I met old friends and made new friends and very much enjoyed this charming little city.

Here's a sign I spotted in a window. It's impossible to read this without hearing Yoda's voice in your head. Go ahead, try:

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