Monday, August 15, 2011

Mini-vacation to Sweden

Getting down to the end of summer, one last trip. We joined friends Daniel and Evelina across the border into Sweden for an overnatting at Holiday Club in Åre. This is a pool/spa hotel that the whole family likes a lot. Combine the strength of the Norwegian krone vs. the Swedish krone and the money saved from grocery and wine shopping and the trip comes out costing not so much.

On the drive out we cross through Meråker, a very beautiful area of Norway. We like to make frequent stops when we travel, so we pulled off at a one-lane bridge over a river. It was a gorgeous spot to climb on the rocks and skip stones.

I spend much of the drive out writing a paper, as I had two papers due Monday afternoon to meet a deadline for publishing a book of conference proceedings. I managed to finish the first one on the two-hour drive and I was ready for swimming and beer. After several hours in the pool and the variety of steam rooms they have at the hotel, we cooked fancy sausages on the grill outside by the lake. Cheap and lovely! Thankfully, shops are open in Sweden on Sundays.

Sunday evening, Evelina taught us to play Scopa, an Italian card game that uses special cards with coins, swords, clubs and cups and all kinds of different ways to score points. It was great fun. The boys totally crushed the girls, so that was extra-satisfying!

I rode back early on Monday with Daniel, finishing my second paper on the ride home. I set a personal record for writing academic papers this weekend. It's just one week left of summer.

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