Thursday, August 18, 2011

Workshops, language, haircut

This week has kept me busy. After writing two papers, I had to prepare for a series of teacher workshops we offered over two days. On each of the days I gave two workshops and then a main lecture for about 100 teachers each day. This took massive preparations, but I put together a good show and delivered everything in Norwegian. It's become quite easy now to communicate, and I'm even following lunchroom conversations which was my original litmus test for Norwegian mastery. It still requires effort, but I can see the day coming soon when it will be easy and natural.

I started meeting with a tutor this week. We'll meet every week for 90 minutes, working on an audio book and working through a Norwegian 3 text. The lady I'm working with likes language as much as I do, so it's really fun.

Oh yes, Pam gave me a haircut yesterday. It was a one-snip, 5-second haircut, and it turned out great. We saved $50-100 (the going price of a haircut in Trondheim). Cut off 8 inches/20 cm. It had gotten so long though you really can't tell it was cut.

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