Saturday, October 8, 2011

Camping in the parking lot

Meanwhile in Trondheim, Pam and the kids had been busy preparing for fall break. The plan: the family would drive 7 hours from Trondheim down to the Oslo airport and meet me as I got off the plane Friday night. We’d park the bus in long-term parking and sleep in it overnight, getting up early for our 8 am flight to Paris.

To facilitate sleeping arrangements, Pam and the kids had been working on building a wooden platform in the bus so suitcases could go under and a bed could go on top. They’d packed up and planned our trip in Paris and loaded the bus with food and supplies. I was a bit worried about them making that long trip without me, but I got a phone call from them while I was waiting at baggage claim saying they’d arrived at the airport. They’d had a fun trip with singing and shenanigans.

We met some friends who just happened to be at the airport that evening also and all had pizza together (small country). Then we took the shuttle bus back to long-term parking to our “portable cabin” for a cheap night’s sleeping arrangement. The beds worked great!

It was a much-to-early 6 am wakeup call, but we pulled ourselves together and got checked in in good time. Now we’re off to Paris! Adventure awaits!

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