Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paris day 5: Fondu

Jack and Zabby and Hanna arrived. We split into two groups, the nappers and the shoppers and did our various things. Later in the day we split off into three groups, agreeing to meet later for dinner. Pam and the kids and I tubed down to the Cité stop and hiked past Notre Dame to the Shakespeare and Company bookstore. This used bookstore has books covering nearly every surface and was a joy to experience. We then wandered in the neighborhood, drooling over the variety of good-looking restaurants. This area was overloaded with creperies, and we decided to finally get a few crepes ourselves from a stand in the street outside of a Hagen-Daas shop. It was fun watching the guy roll out the batter perfectly every time. I wonder how many crepes he’s made? Must be thousands.

A little more shopping and wandering, and then off to the north side near the Sacre Coeur where we were yesterday to find our restaurant: Refuse du Fondu. Pam found this restaurant in her Paris travel guide, and it was a good choice. The dining room was narrow and cramped, the walls covered in graffiti. They brought out a plate of appetizers immediately, then the pots of cheese and oil. Mmmmm... very good. Their signature at this restaurant is serving wine in baby bottles, by doing so they avoid the wine tax that the city levies on each “glass” of wine. We thought it was a bit ridiculous at first, but it turned out to be quite fun.

Back at apartment, our guests went to promptly to bed after having admirably battled sleep deprivation. The kids settled in to watch “The Pink Panther Returns” and experience some more French culture.

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