Thursday, October 13, 2011

Paris day 6: Girl shopping vs. guy shopping

The girls went shopping in Lafayette while the guys did our own "shopping". In this case, the guys' version of shopping involved walking up to Montmarne and plunking ourselves down at a cafe for a couple glasses of wine. It was delightful to just sit and be and watch. A scissors artist cut a portrait of Chris, simply a ‘demonstration’ he said, and while we watched another walked up and did one of me. I thought it was a really great job and thought that I would pay 5 euros for that, which was exactly the price he offered.

The guys wax philosophic while the artists make their rounds

In the evening we rejoined the ladies at the apartment for wine and cheese. It was a simple day, which suits me well as I continue to be sick. It’s been tricky to enjoy Paris when you can't eat, walk or breathe. I’ve never felt gimpier.

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