Monday, October 3, 2011


The 9th graders and their families are responsible for the school rummage sale, or loppemarked, in order to raise money for the class trip. Friday evening the whole family came to the school to set up for the rummage sale. I was a driver and was handed a map and list of locations to make pickups. As the drivers returned with full vans and trailers, others unloaded, organized, and priced item. We worked from 5 to 9, and then returned early Saturday morning to set up more things. Folks were lining up outside a half-hour early; these would be the ‘professionals’, the ones who swoop in, move quickly from table to table, buying the high-value treasures tucked between the glass candle holders and old film cameras.
Pam ran the cantina, selling waffles, cookies, spaghetti, coffee, and juice. I planted myself in the books sections. Maggie and the other 9th graders were go-fers. Sunday we did it again. It was a lot of work, but very social and surprisingly fun. The class made 75.000 kroner, about $20,000, money that will go towards the 10th grade class trip next year.

We were all envious of Martin's money-changer!

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