Saturday, October 22, 2011

Moving begins!

Several friends came over today to help us begin moving! 4 loads were taken from garage to garage, a light work load. We will try to do a little at a time, moving the non-essential things up. We have some work to do inside the house before we occupy it. I'd like to get the bulk of the moving done before it begins to snow, and with the temperature dropping this past week it's getting more and more likely!

We ordered a heatpump for the house today too. Prices have come way done, and the local discount building store had a great deal that includes installation and 10 month no fee no interest financing. That's perfect for us, because we're going to need to live skinny for a few months now that we've picked up a big expense and are paying double for housing (the new house and our house that we're renting for two more months). Well, triple for housing if you count the mortgage I'm paying on our house in the U.S.A.!